The enrollment fee is currently being waived, which will cover the application and administrative costs. Each course will cost $85, which includes the cost of your textbook and technology fees. Total cost for the entire 1 year Fast Track 48 credit Diploma program will be $1,360. For graduation, you will pay a separate fee of $100.00 that includes your embroidered black gown, scarlet tassel, black cap, diploma cover, and diploma with seal. (Diploma students only)

Tuition can be paid in full on or before the first class starts, or you can pay your first class 4 weeks before the semester starts and then mid-way into the start of the semester you can pay the following class. Arrangements can be made if the Institute is notified ahead of time.

No refunds after the first week of class. Tuition payments can be made, either by check (payable to ETI) or cash.  (Credit or ETI cards are accepted, but there is an additional $5.00 processing fee per transaction).

Description Cost
Application fee Currently Waived
3 Credit per Course (Textbook included) $85.00
Graduation Fee (Diploma Students Only) $100.00
Credit or DETIts processing fees $5.00
Returned check fees $35.00
Continuing Education Courses $50.00
Workshop & Short Courses $100.00