Our Story

“This is not about competing, but about equipping and completing.”

Luis R Vizcarrondo Jr., Co-Founder

“Exartizo” means “to complete, suit to a goal” and it is used in 2nd Timothy 3.17 (thoroughly furnished). We understand that training in the scriptures allows Christians to become accomplished and equipped for every good work. The Greeks used three words, which described the qualities of the mind for someone to be fully equipped, described as follows:

1. Sophia[1] (Wisdom)
2. Phronesis[2](Prudence)
3. Sunesis[3] (understanding)

“The fundamental difference between Sophia and Phronesis is that Sophia is theoretical and, phronesis, practical; Sophia has to do with the mind of a man; Phronesis, with the life, behavior, and the actions of man. Sunesis is the ability to test, distinguish, critique, evaluate, and form judgments” (Barclay, 1977).

The writers of the new testament understood that Jesus possesses these qualities and that the Word of God will help us to be thoroughly furnished for all good works. For this reason, our goal to you is to be fully equipped for your ministry to assist your church or participate in the different ministries within your church and your community for the glory of God.

Furthermore, as we analyze the story of The Good Samaritan in Luke 10:27, Jesus Replied with the following: “So he answered and said, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” If we go ahead and break down this verse, Jesus is referring to the whole person: heart (emotional), soul (spiritual), strength (physical), and mind (psychological). We understood that the Institute was not only a call for equipping just the mind but rather the whole person just as Jesus required us to love him and others in the story of the Good Samaritan and many other verses throughout the Word of God. As an institute that equips students for a clearer future, then we understand that it is not just about theory and practice but thoroughly equipping the whole person to completeness and good judgment.

1 4678. σοφία sŏphia, sof-ee´-ah; from 4680; wisdom (higher or lower, worldly or spiritual): —wisdom.
2 5428. φρόνησις phrŏnēsis, fron´-ay-sis; from 5426; mental action or activity, i.e. intellectual or mor. insight: —prudence, wisdom.
3 4907. σύνεσις sunĕsis, soon´-es-is; from 4920; a mental putting together, i.e. intelligence or (concr.) the intellect: —knowledge, understanding.